CARES Act Funding Subject to Compliance Requirements

April 11, 2022

Did your Charter School received funding from the CARES or COVID Relief Acts? If so, has your charter school considered the effects of the Uniform Guidance Compliance Requirements on the School’s June 30, 2022 audit?

The CARES Act provided the following Federal assistance to State and Local governments:

  • Coronavirus Relief Fund
  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Grant
  • Remote Learning Technology Essentials
  • Additional Charter School Program (CSP) Funding

Other types of Federal funding schools could have received are as follows:

  • Title I
  • Title III
  • Special Education
  • Child Nutrition

In addition, some existing federal programs received additional funding from COVID-19 relief.

If your School received an expended greater than $750,000 in Federal funds for the Fiscal year, an audit in accordance with the Uniform Guidance will be required. Are you prepared?

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